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We-Sense Technology for Seats

Monitoring Vibration & Impact and its possible effects on operators using Seats subjected to various levels of acceleration


We-Sense devices monitor

•Acceleration (in all 3 planes)


•UV Levels

•Peak shock loads &  any angles of orientation.

•The sealed We-Sense device can last up to around 5 years

•The We-Sense technology will enable the vessel or vehicle operators to constantly monitor levels and duration of all accelerations seen by the users, seats and vehicle

•We-Sense can indicate the location and proximity of the devices.

All critical threshold levels & durations of accelerations, temperature and UV levels can be set by the account holders


The We-Sense devices can be fitted & managed by either the vehicle manufacturer or by the end user.

We-Sense Seats
We-Sense Seats
We-Sense Seats
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