We-Sense Technology for Sails

Sail Sense is a revolutionary product, developed by We-Sense,  that helps you be smarter about your sail inventory. Small in stature, big on analytics, this clever device fits permanently to your sail, delivering valuable performance data directly to your mobile or tablet

  • Small, light, durable, waterproof,  tamper proof.

  • Stores sail’s unique ID, read by a mobile phone.

  • Provides authorized access to sail’s  “passport” information.

  • Location tracker.

  • Records number of hours a sail has been “in use”.

  • Records number of hours and levels of flogging (g-force) sail has experienced.

  • Records number of hours and levels of UV exposure sail has experienced.

  • Records number of hours and degrees of inclination sail has experienced.

Following on from the exciting announcement that We-Sense signed up an exclusive agreement with Spinlock Ltd, based on the Isle of Wight in the UK, we are pleased to announce that our product and app will now be known as Sail Sense. Spinlock will be the manufacturer and supplier of Sail-Sense devices and app, as a licensee of We-Sense.

SailSense won the Marine Electronics category at the prestigious DAME Award at METS 2018 and is now available from Spinlock and their distributors

An overview of the SailSense Technology from Spinlock

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