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We-Sense Technology for Rolls

We-Sense devices can monitor

•Acceleration (in all 3 planes)


•UV Levels

•Number of revolutions as the material is used and roll orientation.

•We-Sense will enable to user to ensure that the material roll is at the optimum temperature at all times, during storage and use

•We-Sense can indicate the location and proximity of the roll of material


With the roll data input at manufacture, the end users & suppliers can both track the life of Roll of Fabric, through shipping, use and even predict the end of life of the material


The devices could be managed by either the supplier or end users, and reset once the roll has reached the end of its life, ready to placed on a new roll of material


The usage and outlife data could be sent to the Supplier, enabling them to know exactly when to engage with their customers


We-Sense Rolls device can notify users how long the rolls are stored in an incorrect orientation.


However, when the roll is in use, the We-Sense device can sense any movement and will not flag up incorrect orientation, if required.

We-Sense Rolls
We-Sense Rolls
We-Sense Rolls
We-Sense Rolls
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